Monday, March 10, 2014

I Continue to be Amazed

== Another wonderful use of video technology! I can’t really call it baby sitting because the child in question can no longer be a baby - far from it. So let’s call it being there just in case. An 11 year old grand was sick today. Now at 11 he is old enough to stay by himself for a while and has done so. Today though he was sick. Mom’s job is only for 3 to 3 1/2 hours but still - he was sick. And so we arranged for the Mama Susan to stay in touch. Our Skype windows were open. I let him know by IM that I was heading for a haircut and was on my phone. I let him know the same way that I was home and on Skype if he should need to IM or video chat. He was fine - rested, slept and watched Netflix and I didn’t hear a word until his mom came home. 

What I learned is that I needed him to check in - just once - just a quick IM - Mama Susan, I am fine. :) The important thing is, his mom didn’t have to worry and made it through the first day on the new job just fine; I was here for him just in case; and it all worked out. 


Elizabeth said...

Well this is just brilliant.

Tahoe Mom said...

Thank you! Michelle's idea - and it works for us.