Friday, March 21, 2014

Travel to Ashland

The trip to Ashland was delightful. No pictures because I was driving and my focused purpose was to get to my grandchildren. However, here are some verbal pictures of the drive. 

~ a pasture of llamas. Beautiful, graceful little animals blessing the green, green grass. 

~ a pasture of lovely horses and later of cows. 

~ unfortunately a couple of young skunks didn’t make it across the road - I dodged them and still knew they were skunks - eeewww. 

~ a sign announcing a “summit” that is lower than I live

~ coming down out of the mountains onto beautiful land with green grass and the beginning blossoming of redbud trees

~ coming down further to blossomed redbuds

~ a farm surrounded by a white fence, reminder of Kentucky horse country

~ butterflies, my first of the season

~ temperatures ranging from low 40s in Tahoe, to 73 in Redding, to upper 50s in Ashland. It is indeed spring. 

~ Mts Lassen and Shasta, heady with snow towering over spring landscapes

~ and finally, of course, arriving and walking to school to gather grands in my arms for hugs. A nice, nice day ~ and glad to be with family. 


Mike Christie said...

Glad that Shasta and Lassen have snow, and even more glad that you're there with your Grands!

Tahoe Mom said...

Thanks, Mike! So nice --