Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pot Luck Evolution

The term pot luck for a meal comes from when we literally took the luck of the pot -- whatever was in it, you brought to the church, the town hall, the park and shared the little you had with others who had done the same. Eventually it evolved into meaning, put your finest and best on the table. Yesterday, following a now decade long tradition, I hosted a holiday potluck lunch for some women friends of mine. In order to avoid having an all salad - or all dessert - meal, we have always signed up for what we will bring. Yesterday, there was no way I could call it a pot luck.

We opened with hot apple cider accompanied by a lovely platter of cheese, olives, jams and bread.

Our main course consisted of butternut squash soup and two lovely salads, created in house with ingredients brought from their homes.

Dessert was my pear crisp with ice cream followed by "booze balls", a rich chocolate confection that includes Jack Daniels.

There were only four of us ~ several others being unable to attend ~ and we had a lovely time, visiting, visiting, visiting and eating. Luck was with the pot that day -- it was all delicious and with all good intentions I still didn't take pictures of the individual dishes. Nevertheless, here we are enjoying.

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