Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent 2

The scripture I chose for this week is from Isaiah 40: Prepare the way of the Lord. We are promised that when we do that mountains and hills will be made low, rough places made smooth. As I ponder these words this week, I will think about the rough places in my life that God has smoothed for me; the mountains that seemed impossible to climb that were lowered enough for me to make it up and over. 

These times come for all of us:
~ like the death of a loved one and how we manage to keep on with our lives as we climb that awful mountain. 
~ like a job opportunity slipping through our fingers or another financial set back and we stub our toes on those stones in the road and yet keep going and discover the road smoothing out ahead of us

Each of you will have your examples. Some of you will look back and be grateful. Others of you are in the midst of mountain climb right now and may be saying “yeah, right” in a very sarcastic voice. We will each have our own perspective on these words of hope and promise. 

Wherever you are on your journey, whatever your expression of faith, contemplate the words of this promise and how it is made whole in your life. May you be blessed and graced on the path you have chosen. 

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