Monday, December 9, 2013

My Sacred Spaces

We have done minimalistic decorating this year and I couldn't be happier. I learned how easy it is the year I had my hip surgery and had to forego a tree. We've had trees since then and this year I was into easy so we compromised on the size of the tree. I knew when Dean offered to help me decorate it if I "really wanted" a tree that he wanted a tree. I suggested one that would fit on the table top. He is So Pleased - and so am I. Along with the little tree went other smaller decorations this year. What I realized this afternoon is that all the little decorated spaces are sacred to me. They are all special and I love them. 

You have seen the table that holds the Advent wreath and candles. The Bible is turned to a different favorite and meaningful scripture for each week, and I use it as part of my meditation.


Here is the small tree. Can you tell it is sitting on a table? It is decorated with lights and icicles and a few gold bows. Period. Please, notice there is still room for presents under it. When I was first thinking I might not have a tree, the Owlet was very concerned. "Where will you put your presents?" As you can see, my darling, there is room for presents. 

The center of our dining room table. Very simple. Very elegant. And absolutely perfect.

Our coffee table is exactly the right size to hold the tree skirt. There is history in this space. The skirt was given to me one year by my step-mother who regularly attended the bazaar workshop at my home church where a group of talented ladies worked from January through late November to make gorgeous crafts for sale to raise money for the church and charity. My first husband and I bought the nativity in the early 60's from a workshop in the deep South. African Americans had gathered together and decided they would no longer work for 25 cents a day (yes, dear young readers - a Day) and they formed an artists workshop and made crafts. I have been putting this nativity on a window sill for guests to see as they came up the stairs. This year I decided I wanted to look at it myself. 
That is indeed Santa you see standing there. One daughter has the little statue of Santa kneeling at the manger given to us after her father died. I like all of Christmas and so now there is a Santa in my nativity. The books have been gathered over the years and read to children, grandchildren and even when they aren't around, I indulge my inner child and will probably read all of them before the season ends. It is a blessed and sacred time and I enjoy it. May you too enjoy your sacred times and spaces and be blessed on your journey. 

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