Thursday, December 26, 2013

How Traditions Are Born

We often think a tradition comes from some deep meaningful experience back in the history of the world, our family or even just in ourselves. It was and remains something that Matters. That may not be totally true however. 

When the hectic delight of Christmas morning kept me from wanting to spend time making breakfast, Sara Lee Butter Streusel became our go-to Christmas breakfast. Pop it in the oven - these were the days Way before microwaves - and by the time the presents were open and family was getting hungry, streusel was warm and ready to eat. Easy. 

Then I moved to Tahoe. No Butter Streusel. Oh, all sorts of other Sara Lee coffee cakes and even a streusel or two. No butter streusel. So I improvised and we ate something for breakfast. Now, Dean tries to be as gluten free as possible and honestly, after looking for several years, I gave up. 

This last week several things happened. My friends came to lunch and one of them brought an appetizer tray that included fig jam. We went to the Victorian Christmas and I bought some pomegranate jelly. Meredith and David were going to tea on Christmas Eve and high tea means lemon curd which I saw on a shelf - right next to mint jelly which I love. So - on my shelves yesterday morning were fig jam, mint jelly, pomegranate jelly and lemon curd. And fresh bread. Ta-dah!! A tradition may have been born.

 (Except - shhhh - I don’t think I will save it just for Christmas morning.) May the blessings of the season continue to be with you and yours ~ 

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