Monday, April 24, 2017

Useless Worry

Last week I arrived home to find a blue tag on the door knob. The Public Utility District was having to do some infrastructure revamping and so our water would be off from 8 until noon today. This didn't surprise me as I had made friends with the PUD guys trying to find the major leak at the condos across the parking lot. The leak had been found and I assumed this was a clearing of the pipes and system in the entire area.

The timing frustrated me though because I usually do laundry on Mondays and today was important because I am traveling tomorrow and wanted all my clothes clean and packed by this afternoon.

We did everything the blue slip suggested: made sure we had a couple of pitchers of water in the fridge for drinking; I filled the tea kettle so we could have hot water; and we even have a bucket that is filled with shower water while it gets hot to be used to water plants or fill the hot tub. We were fine. It was only for 4 hours. Plans made. I even did laundry yesterday.

My plans were to walk this morning, stay in exercise clothes until this afternoon and then shower, do one more load of laundry and finish packing to be ready to go in the morning.

Snow kept me from walking so I showered early. We had breakfast and 8 o'clock came and we still had water. And we have had water all morning. As far as we know, we have not been without water for even a few minutes during the four hour time period. All that worry and bother for nothing.

All I can think is that the little blue slip was put on our door by mistake. Was the water off at the condos? Did the snow keep them from being able to do whatever it was and it will happen again? Who knows? I do know I have felt just a little off balance all day because none of my well laid plans were needed. Just a little weird.

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