Monday, April 17, 2017

Shear Randomness

1) I have found that on my walk, I can text vocally by going through Siri. For several days when I was getting up to four laps, Siri would tell Meredith that "lap for" was hard. Then one day it started to rain in the middle of the walk. I don't like walking in the rain so told Meredith I didn't want to "risk rain on the hill." Once it was sent, we both noticed that I didn't want to "risk Ryan on the hill." Poor Ryan. I want him to stay safe!! 😃

2) The other day Meredith had lunch with a friend at Neiman's in Boston. Afterwards she and I had a lovely conversation about all sorts of Neiman's memories. Neiman's Tea Room in Dallas was one of the places my mother taught me company manners. We would shop at the Blue Door (the door to the children's department) and then she would take me to lunch at the tea room. I felt very sophisticated. And the day I went as an early college student with my best friend and no mothers, I knew I was an adult!

3) My morning laps on the parking lot have increased to four laps. Four is now normal. And yesterday for some reason they were really, really hard, to the point that when I finally made it upstairs (four flights of stairs), I felt almost sick. I wonder why that is? I guess that's why they call it a work out and not a play out.

4) We had a chipmunk this morning. I've seen squirrels on the snow but chipmunks are summer animals. There he was though, racing down the snow, onto the rocks and around the corner of the deck. He made me smile and reminded me that spring really is on its way.

5) Ryka is my go to brand for sneakers so I was pleasantly surprised to find they also make winter boots. I found a pair on sale and they arrived just in time for snow hiking in the forest. I am very pleased. 

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