Monday, January 30, 2017

Shopping Spree

Well, it wasn't exactly a spree and we were in Reno over the weekend and when in Reno, one shops.

I have always loved my mugs for drinking tea. And once in a while, I miss a tea cup. I have my fancy china, I have my Christmas china. In my ordinary everyday ware, no cups. So I bought two cups and saucers in the plain white I use. Just two: one for me, one for any friend that happens to drop by for tea. I am very happy.

When we decided to give away all the old every day china, I gave it all away and that included my tea kettle. We gave them to grandson, Kyle, by the way. He needed dishes and they were his grandmother's so it all worked out.
Now we have a hot water on demand tap and it is wonderful. And I still add 30 more seconds in the microwave to my mug of tea. I had started using my tea kettle for my morning tea. So I wanted a new one. I thought I had one but had forgotten an induction cooktop takes only certain metals. I finally returned the first one, and found the perfect one for our kitchen at not much more cost. Once again I am very happy and enjoying my morning cuppa with water from the tea kettle. 


Mike Christie said...

A number of years ago my dad gave us a tea kettle for Christmas. We both really liked it. It seems to have not made the move south. One does some goofy things when packing to move. The electric hot pot heats up the water just as well, but it's not the same.

Tahoe Mom said...

My daughter has an electric hot pot and I like it. I just didn't have room for it anywhere. The tea kettle sits just to the edge of the stove and heats over the induction cooktop very fast. Plus I just like it!! :)