Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Last Week's Random Observations

~ Children are not political fodder. They must be off limits, they are not a partisan issue. They are children. 
~ peanut butter is good but not a perfect substitute when what you really want is a peanut butter cookie.
~ Little tiny snow flakes don’t look like much but when they fall continuously for 24 hours, they pile up.
~ I don’t like it when people on “my side” of the political spectrum are violent or ugly or say mean things. We are supposed to be above that. 


Mike Christie said...

I agree on all counts. Let me add on the cookie front that I hate getting a raisin cookie when I'm either wanting or expecting a chocolate chip cookie. The nice lady at the church where my Toastmasters group meets brings us raisin cookies. She's very nice, but she brings us raisin cookies and not chocolate chip.

Tahoe Mom said...

I agree on the cookie front. Dean likes oatmeal raisin; I prefer chocolate chip. And now that I am off sugar, any cookie is but a dream. *sigh*