Sunday, August 7, 2016

Random Summer Pictures

Family summer fun in Tahoe. Although we had company before
Michelle and her family arrived, here's where the summer saga really begins.

Dean smoked ribs for the grand arrival.

Trinity cooked her signature stir-fry for us one night. 

Trinity and Grandpa transplanting squash. She loves to garden.


In goes the squash.

Looking good and so far still looking good. No critters have eaten it.

Gardening makes you hungry. Especially for Grandpa's smoked pork.

14 year old Akira appreciates Grandpa's pork too even
though he hasn't gardened.

The night cousin Carly came, we had fondu. Unfortunately, Carly's plane
was very late so she didn't have any. She did get to watch Marc take leftovers
and make amazing fried rice for breakfast the next day.

It was so good -

~ and Carly and Trinity loved it. As did we all.

Surprise! Meredith and David ended up in Reno so David could fight
one of the myriad of northern California fires. Michelle saw her on
their way out on Tuesday.

We saw both of them for dinner on Wednesday night
before they left again on Friday.  

Carly and Grandpa brave the windy waters of Lake Tahoe in a kayak.

Both days on the beach were perfect.

Picnic on the beach. 

It was a little chilly and I was glad Dean had brought along his sweatshirt.

Once again a grand took over the kitchen as Carly made her
signature bacon/cheddar/turkey burger with roasted veggies. 
I do love it when my grands are old enough to cook.

Thanks to neighbor Dianne, Carly and I played a Lot of Rummy Cube
while she was here. We had fun. It's been a fun summer all around and
we anticipate more fun when more company arrives on Tuesday.
The doors on the guest rooms keep revolving. 

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