Sunday, August 28, 2016

Camping at Virginia Lakes

Dean is a member of the Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers and this weekend we camped with them at Virginia Lakes, about 3 plus hours from home. Dean and I had been there before and the group went a year or two ago. I was unable to go then so was glad to have the opportunity this year. 

Yes, that is Oso in the foreground. At the last minute we had to bring him along. It worked just fine. He was always just a little on edge wondering what was happening. He seemed to have a good time though.

A boy and his dog. It was kind of fun to have the dumpster on the edge of our camp site. We didn't have to go far to empty the trash. 

This was the closest lake. 

Dean split some found firewood and we had a lovely little fire the first night. The next two we were at another camp site. 

Dean out in the pontoon and Oso really, really wanting to go out with him. 
Sometimes a dog's life is unfair. I wouldn't let him chase whatever the guys on the shore next to us were throwing in the water. He gets to chase things Dean throws for him at home. And then to add insult to injury, Dean gets to go out on the water and I won't let Oso go after Dean. Pout!

Quiet time on the lake, drifting, casting, enjoying.

Saturday morning we hiked to one of the higher lakes. You can tell how far behind I am. I'm slow heading up hill these days. Friends are the first in line, Dean closer to me. Oso would come back to check on me if he and Dean had left me too far behind.

The other couple made it to the highest lake. I was slow, and along the way, there was some beautiful scenery.

At the next to the highest lake, we found a shady spot to sit and have our lunch. Dean and Oso began to fish. I sat down and suddenly had a bit of altitude or electrolyte problem. I lay down with my jacket under my head and closed my eyes. Once when I opened my eyes, Oso was lying close and on guard. Bless him! I felt strange and uneasy until about half way down and suddenly I was fine. Just tired because I had hiked a long way but otherwise just fine. In this case the "lower" altitude was over 9000 ft. It still made a difference.

One of the pleasures of this group is gathering for appetizers and then bringing our meals together at one table to talk over dinner. Later we gather around a camp fire.

A mirrored sunrise on our lake. 
It was a good trip with delightful people and dogs.

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