Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bees: Bad News, Good News

       The bad news: Because of a wet winter, this summer we have had swarms of yellow-jacket, meat-eating bees. Makes it hard to eat outside on the deck sometimes. Remember what we had to do at a lake side restaurant the other night? 

Covering our food with our napkins was our solution then. At home on the deck meals include a lot of swatting, flailing of napkins, muttered curses and placing a tiny portion of the meat far away from the table itself. None of this works completely. They are aggressive and a tad vicious. We set traps and they fill up and the bees still come. Lots of bees this summer. 

The good news: Because of a wet winter, this summer we are seeing a lot more little round, yellow and black pollinating bees. They are buzzing around the wild flowers on the trail and by the lake. They are enjoying the squash blossoms in Dean's garden. They have no regard for humans or the meat we eat. They are very happy finding pollen and spreading it from one plant to another.

This was a plant next to my chair at the lake the other day. I ate my lunch while they ate theirs and neither one of us disturbed the other. I'm sure that the few bees I have seen around our home are not enough to take them off the endangered list, and it is good to have them back and active. Live long and prosper, little bees.

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