Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Wisdom of Rubicon Peak

What constitutes a perfect day? I am sure you can think of lots of things you might include in your perfect day. I know I probably would not include yard work in mine and yet today, from the perspective of sunset, just might be the perfect day.

We had goodies from Allison's on the front deck for breakfast. Then we headed to the yard. Dean lined the deck wall with flowers and transplanted the tomatoes into the cold frame. The plants already have several tomatoes on them so we are off to a good start. I raked pine needles off the terraced areas on the wall so the plants there would continue to grow well.

After a morning with plants, we sat on the deck and then lunched there. Dean planted seeds while I read and we brought up a table to the shop so Dean could sand and polish. We followed that with a snack on the hill over-looking Rubicon Peak. While we sat there, I told Dean that in that space, we could solve the problems of the world or ignore them entirely. That was when he said, "The Wisdom of the Rubicon". When we sit together whether on the deck, on the hill, or in the hot tub, we talk or we are silent. We live in a place where sitting can bring wisdom and peace. 

We descended to the deck again for time in the hot tub and then watching the last of the series with Morgan Freeman and the search for God. For a day that did not include steak, ice cream and the beach, it came very close to being perfect. 

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