Friday, May 13, 2016

Stars for Mama Susan

I realize the blog title sounds like I am bragging. Well, I am.
Lettie and I spent a long time together and from the time she walked in the house from her day care about 1:30 until she went to bed some time after we left for the night, she never stopped moving. She's almost 3. I have 70 years on her. I move well for 73. But not constantly. I learned I could play and be creative and think of participatory activities with a bouncy, wiggly little one and still sit.

"I have a kitchen, Mama Susan." And so we went to the play room.

Designer Lettie. And yes, she also has a castle!

Yoga - she knows the moves and their names from a class she attends with her mom. 

"You have to find the corners.

Discovering rainbows. 

If you look closely, you can see the rainbow on her face, across her eye.

Jumping through and on rainbows on the floor. 
"The sun makes the rainbows."

Middle of the afternoon, apropos of nothing we were doing, she
announces she needs to brush her teeth. And so she did. 

We spent the afternoon playing and singing ~ songs like "put the keys in the bucket, put the keys in the bucket, put the keys in the bucket and they won't get lost." I made up that one and created Lots of variations on the theme. We found a lot of things to put in the bucket. It was a good afternoon and Mama Susan did well. 

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