Friday, May 20, 2016

A Fine Send-off! Semper Fi!

Much to the family's surprise, grandson Carter decided a while back he wanted to go into the Marines. He has shone on all his tests, chose avionics for his specialty and while we were in Temecula, had a family gathering to send him off to bootcamp. It was one of those family moments when life changes for everyone involved. 

Carter was happy about his Marine choice.
I had to take his picture in the hat because he may be the only person I know with one of these.

There is always a girl friend around at times like these.

The family

Carter and his Uncle Dave who is the one in the family with military experience. 
Dave teased a lot but also shared some wisdom from his days in boot camp. 

Sister Carly - Grandpa and Aunt Mandy in the background.

Dean and his daughter Amanda.

Listening to his dad's toast.

The hair disappeared under the Marine shears sometime on Monday. 

That very special moment.

And now it is time for ~ 

Not going to be anything like this coming out of the mess kitchen at bootcamp.

On his way.  Go with our love and blessings, Carter. 
Your Grandpa and Mama Susan are very proud of you!

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