Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Time for Tea

I'm giving a tea. Friday afternoon at 3, a small number of friends will gather around my table for a spring tea. It may be raining. We will make spring inside at a lovely table with all the accouterments of an English tea: sandwiches, scones with jam, and tiny sweets all accompanied by two selections of tea. Lovely.

And what I am realizing is: tea is not something I do on the spur of the moment. This whole week has been aimed at tea time. Even the ordinary chores have been prioritized so that on Friday all is perfect. Monday I did laundry as usual. Tuesday, cleaned the bed and bath rooms, washed sheets and towels and vacuumed. Saving vacuuming the rest of the rooms until Thursday though because I have a dog who sheds, and living the woods, we do track in pine needles and dirt. Today I did the last of my shopping and polished just enough silver for the party. I had a wonderful cousin who, about once every six months, would prepare herself and spend a day polishing all her silver. Sorry, dear Becky. You gave good advice but this one your younger cousin cannot follow. Only when I need it ~ and just as much as I need. Much easier that way. And, my table will sparkle.

Tomorrow, the rest of the vacuuming and the food preparation that can be done ahead of time. Knowing me, I will probably get out the china too - why not wait until Friday when it is needed? I don't know. It's just me. Do you suppose it comes from theatre - I need "rehearsal" time?

On Friday, the family (meaning Dean and Kyle) will have to fend for themselves at lunch because the table will be covered with the beginnings of the place settings. Oh, where is Mr. Carson when I need him?

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