Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cleaning Made Easy

I have never liked housework. I especially don’t like cleaning the kitchen because it has to be done every day, sometimes three times a day. And ~ even kitchen cleaning attitudes can change. 

I have written here before about the new kitchen. We took out messy, 80’s tile with grout and put in slick, flat 21st century granite. We have a flat induction cook top and a very deep single sink. Dean created the pine tops for the island and counter which are flat, lovely and covered in polyurethane. All in all it makes for a kitchen that is easy to clean. 

Is that the reason I clean the kitchen with more ease than in the rest of my life? I don’t know. The flat surfaces wipe down so easily. The deep sink holds lots of dirty stuff without showing it to the world until I get around to loading the dishwasher and washing the pots. And yes, I have to wash the pots used on the cooktop, but oh my goodness ~ they are the best non-stick ever and So Easy to wash. 

Maybe I will never like cleaning the kitchen, and the remodeled kitchen certainly makes it easier than it has ever been. Over and over again I am grateful. 

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