Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Tea

Well, let's start with the adjective - spring. Yes, it was a tea. No, spring didn't have much to do with it. It snowed all day and is still snowing as I type this. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 50's but right now, the snow continues to fall.
Two friends were kept at home given that they live much higher up the mountain than we do. The five of us who made it, had a wonderful and delicious time.

This is the start of the table. No silverware yet and it is the only picture I have of the table. The dinner plates in the center of the table held tea sandwiches.

Chicken salad

Traditional cucumber 

Smokey Gouda

I offered two teas: Lady Grey and Jasmine Green. Lady Grey was the hit of the afternoon and the Jasmine Green in the great green pot will do for iced tea tomorrow. 
We had a granddaughter with us as her grandmother had to pick her up from school and keep her until 6 ~ so she came to tea. Eight is a good age to begin to learn about traditional tea. She must have enjoyed it. She ate everything and drank 3 cups of Lady Grey without cream or sugar. When her mom picked her up, she said, "Mom, guess what I got to do this afternoon?" She showed her mom the pictures she had taken and asked why they didn't have high tea. I think I have a convert.
My next plan is to offer tea to several friends who have younger children in order to help the children learn about the tradition and the proper way to have tea. 

I've asked for the other pictures so there will be at least one more tea blog. I'm so pleased and happy and in the end, thoroughly enjoy my Snow Tea!

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