Thursday, April 14, 2016

Computer Snafu

Bless his heart, Dean took my computer to the Apple Store the other day. It was running hot and very, very slowly. Because he didn't know what time he could get there, he couldn't make an appointment. He arrived at 5 and waited until 6:15. Then they went to work on the computer. It took some time, found the problem, then had to call me for passwords a couple of times. Bless Apple, it didn't cost a thing to rework a software problem. Dean was home, with computer, at 8. It was a long day.

It was also a long several days without my computer which I turned off and just let it sit. I used my phone and was able to manage everything except watching Netflix and writing in my journal. That problem I solved after I realized I could email myself a journal entry and yesterday morning copied and pasted them into my journal. That was also facilitated by Dean's finding a keyboard he had bought for his iPad and wasn't using. We connected it via wifi to my phone and now I don't have to scrunch my fingers to type long emails or texts. I carry it around with me now even though the computer is working. Makes life just a little easier.

I don't think of myself as that attached to my computer and I guess I am. I really missed it. I do a lot of writing: emails, journal, here, and because I knew it was for a short time, I didn't really push myself to learn how to do it all on my phone. Again, the writing I do became easier when Dean produced the keyboard. And let's be honest, I play games. I know I can play on my phone as well and I just let be that aspect of my computer because it was a short time.

Oh - and I had to forego a video Skype with my daughter and grands on Sunday. Glad to have that back as well! Yeah ~ I'm hooked. Cyberspace is a part of my life and I like having my computer around.

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