Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Blessed Easter

A blessed day to you all ~ be this an Easter celebration for you or the spring celebration of the vernal equinox or a mixture of both. Today is a different Easter for me because I will be traveling. Due to weather tomorrow, I am heading home today. I will attend an egg hunt next door and then head out. In the meantime I am having some gentle celebrations with the family 

Easter baskets of course. 

Trinity using her birthday mortar and pestle to grind herbs for the ham.
In this case, rosemary and mint. Lovely.

A blessed day, dear friends.


wallace ford said...

remembering Easter at Ghost Ranch

Tahoe Mom said...

Maundy Thursday full moon hike on the top of the ridge - the moon was within touching reach. Fasting. Up so early to celebrate. The entire week ~ the memories are all there, very close, and more often than I can tell you.