Thursday, March 17, 2016

Playing with Color 2

My last post was about coloring mandalas. Although no one is using the same book I am, I had several delightful conversation comments with friends who are also coloring: what it means to them, how and when they color. Fun. 

This is the story of two of mine that I have enjoyed. 

This one is Incan Sunburst. I names it and colored it early on in my coloring career. Right across the page was another mandala almost but not quite the same pattern. To see the differences, you had to look very, very carefully. I had not yet colored that one because I was worried I would simply copy Incan Sunburst which was not creative or even fun. Finally I have colored it and I am pleased. 
This is Wind and Water and colored in a entirely different palate ~ plus I covered the Sunburst so I couldn't be tempted to play with different colors in a similar way. What you can't see in the picture is that now I have a blue and silver that sparkle so there are several places where, in the correct light, sunlight sparkles on the waves.

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