Monday, March 14, 2016

Playing with Color

Back in June I posted about my exciting discovery of a mandala coloring book ~ only to discover I am not in the least unique and had somehow without realizing it tapped into the latest fad, adult coloring books. Ah well - I am still enjoying it. 

What I have started to wonder is: if you are coloring the same mandala, what colors would you choose? Would our mandalas look at all the same or totally different or sort of the same?

This is the book I am using right now and if you just happen to be coloring under the same title, I would love to share our work ~ not to compete, just to discuss why you chose red when I chose blue or what you were thinking when you colored this particular one. Sometimes I just color and other times I have a fascinating time choosing colors and noticing patterns. Did you see the same pattern I did? Did the mandala speak to you in any way? 

Those are my thoughts for today as I finished the one at the top of the page. 


Mike Christie said...

A practice that my wife Terry has picked up as well. She very much enjoys it.

Tahoe Mom said...

If she ever picks up this book, please, let me know.