Thursday, September 17, 2015

Domestic Goddess? Me?

Never in my life have been called a Domestic Goddess. The title just does not apply. I quit cooking years ago although when I do cook, the food is good. I keep a reasonably neat house and support the local economy by hiring someone to clean it. The word "iron" is not in my vocabulary. 
However ~ I do like the taste of my own apple sauce so when John, who sells me peaches at the Farmers' Market said he had apples, I bought a crate. This morning John introduced me to another friend as a "domestic goddess". Oh, John, if you only knew. But you don't and so for this morning I will accept your title gracefully. 
I realize I posted a blog with pictures very similar to these several years ago. This year the process turned out to be somewhat different. 
First of all, John had picked really nice apples: no holes, no bugs. The crate was a mixture of Fuji, Gala and a couple of other types, making for the very best apple sauce I can make.  I had bought more sugar so I had plenty and didn't have to open the new bag as the apples were so sweet on their own. Yummy.

The next difference had to do with the pots. This year I have an invection cooktop so I found the apples cooked even faster than in the pressure cooker ~ although I used both and found the whole process including some cleaning up took just over two hours.

So there you have it. Homemade apple sauce, from the hands of a once-in-a-lifetime Domestic Goddess.

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