Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weber Lake, 2015

Once a year Dean's fly fishing club goes to Weber Lake for the day. Today was the day.

The day dawned beautifully behind our pines.

Weber Lake today ~ followed by

Weber Lake a year ago. What a difference a year make. Last year Weber Lake was socked in by smoke so thick that I couldn't go outside. 

Today was gorgeous and some of us who didn't fish went for a walk into the meadows surrounding the lake. 

A very tired and happy fisherman. The lake was calm, the sky was blue and Dean caught five fish.
He was happy.

We spread a table filled with food: 5 salads, 2 potato salads, baked beans and ribs. Yummy!!! After lunch, came a chocolate spread, cake, brownies, cookies and finally this amazing fish cake made by a granddaughter of one of the guys. Granddad was the only one who was willing to cut into it ~ which he finally did and we enjoyed even more chocolate. Full, happy, clean after showers, we lie back and enjoy memories of a fun day on Weber Lake. 

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