Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tea at Neiman's

As I have mentioned here before, I grew up learning nice manners when my mother would take me to  lunch at the original Neiman's (then Neiman Marcus) in Dallas. My clothes were bought behind the blue door that went into the children's department. Eventually I was a Neiman's bride. And all along, I would enjoy a special treat occasionally by having lunch at Neiman's tea room. 
These days, if I am in San Francisco, I make a nostalgic journey to Neiman's for lunch or in case of today, tea. Sometimes while wandering through the store I buy something. Sometimes not. I always eat. 

Not liking alcohol, I had the Signature Tea Service.

Tea, just like lunch, opens with Neiman's warm popover with strawberry butter. Some things never change.

Another tradition: chicken bouillon

Tea: veggie quiche, an almond scone, salmon mousse, chicken salad, cucumber, porchetta with apples and egg salad.
Sweets were fruit, banana bread pudding, macaroon, chocolate brownie and pecan pie. 

Condiments were the usual and I really liked the dish they were in:
Lemon for your tea (although I had cream), butter, lemon curd, strawberry jam and honey. 

~ and my very own little pot of Earl Grey, my afternoon tea of choice. It was a lovely.
The next time I am in SF, however, I will have lunch. Lunch I can do alone. Tea needs to have another person along to share the experience. 

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