Friday, July 17, 2015

San Francisco Foodie

You are going to think I ate my way through San Francisco and you wouldn't be far from wrong. Thank goodness for a good fitness center at the hotel and walking everywhere I went. I refuse to tell you what the scales say in the morning though. 
Breakfasts were in the Concierge Lounge at the hotel and I had potatoes, scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon every morning. Back to Cheerios now that I am home. 
Dinners that missed out on pictures because I just forget to take them were at a Thai restaurant; John's Grill, an amazing steak house; and the Concierge Lounge because we were all tired and full and they were serving pork loin, mashed sweet potatoes, salad and fudgy brownies. 

Dean had a break on Wednesday and returned to the hotel to ask if I would like to have lunch with him. Delightful surprise. We went to the Salt House and I had a Chop Chop - tiny gems of veggies and an egg tossed in a delightful Honey Mustard dressing. The menu didn't list onions so I checked with our server and he said no. The salad came and I discovered yes. I always worry about sending back and Dean reminded me that we were paying for it - plus the fact that I would have been miserable all afternoon. They were so gracious and of course they changed out the salad and brought me one with no onions. I love smiling customer service and the salad was so good.

Dean had a grilled chicken sandwich and chips.

On Thursday, I found the one place in the near-by food court without a line and had a savory crepe for lunch. I took it out the door into the park, found a table with chair and ate and people watched. I brought out my book and never opened it. People wandering by a concert in the park were too interesting. It was a delightful and delicious lunch.

Thursday night we met family at Scoma's close to Pier 39. I had a "small" shrimp and crab Louie. Yum! Good food, good conversation, fun time with family.

Lunch on the way home was at Awful Annie's in Auburn. Awful because it is "awful good". And it is. I had a Chinese Chicken salad with more cabbage and sprouts than lettuce (yay!) and lots of pea pods with a delicious sesame dressing. Dean had a turkey, apple, brie sandwich on a croissant.
And in spite of all this eating, we stopped at Costco on the way home so there would be more food here for a while.

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