Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oops ~ Face Plant

I walked into the living room tonight, stepped down the one little step, caught the toe of my sandal in the rug and took a face plant. Literally. Straight forward to floor. Had sense enough to throw my left arm across my face so that I landed on the arm and not on the floor. Right arm cradled the right side of my body. The space into which I fell was empty, so I missed the chair, the hearth and the magazine rack at the end of the window seat. 

Scared me. I cried. Dean came in while still brushing his teeth. All is well.

So why am I up writing about it at almost midnight? Because in spite of the 2 Ibuprofen I took immediately, as I lay in bed trying to sleep, I began to feel myself hurt. The arm that caught my head. The whole right side of my body, especially across my shoulder. My feet where the sandal straps caught. 

I am reminded of when my two year old fell down the stairs. As I picked up my sobbing child, I asked one stupid question, “Where does it hurt?” She stopped crying instantly, pulled her little head off my shoulder and looked at me in total two-year-old amazement that I could be so dumb, and started pointing to places all over her body saying, “Here and here and here and here.” Oh, my darling. Although you were two and your mom seventy-two, my reply to where it hurts would be the same: here and here and here and here. 

Nothing broken though. Just pulled and jerked around so all will be well. I will continue to take the Ibuprofen, use muscle rubs and work the kinks out very gently in gym. I’m fine. Mark it down as an oops and be grateful. 

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