Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Complications of an Apology

The Complications of an Apology: The first part of this saga is not complicated at all. I hurt and offended people I love and I apologized. “I’m sorry” is not difficult. And I meant it. I would not hurt anyone if I can help it.

The posted apology elicited all sorts of personal support from we need to be able to read anything no matter who wrote it to simple personal support of my being a good gentle person and understanding I would never hurt deliberately. For those I am so grateful. 

Then My Correspondent requested I remove the offensive blog. So I did. That’s when the complications arose. That smacked of censorship to some folks who even mentioned the book burnings in Germany. Now I know My Correspondent very, very well. This person would fight to the death to keep any book from being burned, even one by an author with 180 degree difference of opinion. 

Life is complicated. Ideas, concepts, differences of opinion are complicated. We need to be willing to discuss, argue, debate and converse over all sorts of thoughts. We need to be willing to take the consequences of what we say ~ which perhaps means losing book sales or a job or simply saying “I’m sorry.” 
So let me address the issue at the heart of the saga.  Bill O’Reilly’s reputation is self-styled and very clear.  I'm not going to give him the energy or attention to research and quote him directly.  The fact is, he is actively unsupportive of the race, sexuality, spirituality, and core beliefs of members of my family and many of my friends.  This is the source of the upset.  I honored My Correspondent's request and pulled the blog because, while anyone else is welcome to sing his praises as a story-teller, when his public vitriol hits this close to my home and my heart, I'll honor those I love instead. 

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