Friday, January 3, 2014

Starting the Year with a Bang . . . uh, Bag

I have a very nice purse.  Found it on sale while in NOLA in June. Very compact. Practically perfect. However, a friend, knowing how much I love butterflies, gave me a new one for Christmas. It is not only decorative, it is also very practical for my life. See what is sticking out of the large side pocket ~ my Kindle!
I have always made sure I had a book with me. You never know when you will have a chance to read. As nice as my other purse is, it couldn't handle the Kindle. This one can. Everything else goes into pockets on the other side and this side is the one that convinced me to carry it on a daily basis. 
I still have the other one and if I need to be more formal, I can switch for a short time. For now, my butterflies, my Kindle and me!

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