Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Delicious New Year's Treat

What a fun way to start a new year ~ teaching one of my very best recipes to another member of the family. We have a grandson who plays hockey, skis, plays board and video games, sings in the chorus at school, and knows nothing about a kitchen. Doing something for himself is either pulling out leftovers or asking his sister to do it for him. She is three years younger than he is so it really is time he knows something about food. I decided he can eat leftovers for the rest of his life as far as I’m concerned as long as he knows how to do one brilliant thing in the kitchen. 

What else? The Mama Susan’s pecan pie!! 

As I was going to make one any way, I “just” called him into the kitchen and said exactly what I just told you. Eat all the leftovers you want, and . . . know how to make one amazing dish. 

He had never read a recipe so after he had banished his sister from the kitchen,  we started with the basics. Because there was no real reason for him to learn the Tahoe kitchen, I got out the ingredients. All he did was read the recipe, do what I said and made the pie. We went with a Marie Callandar’s frozen pie crust for ease and not to scare him too much. I want this to become an easy pleasure. The pie was delicious.

I hope he makes another very soon so he remembers. He will also have his own cleaning up to do. I took that burden off his shoulders the first time. And let’s be honest - and toot my own horn just a little - his family will be so grateful, his buddies won’t believe it the first time they get together for pizza and he offers to bring dessert, and when he finds himself in a personal relationship, he will be loved for his pie as well as for his delightful, funny, amazing self. It was a good way to start the new year for both of us. 

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