Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Happy Birthday to me!

On my birthday, my daughter told me she had realized (duh!) that she could order my present on line and didn't have to wait until she returned to New Orleans to buy it. So - it was on its way though it would be late. That's fine, honey. And I promptly forgot about that part of the conversation. 
Today Dean came upstairs from the office with a package in his hand. 

Pralines! They bought me New Orleans pralines!! There is no way to tell you in writing how excited I am about this. Oh Yum!!! I Love pralines - the original and creamy (not the sticky caramel ones). Pralines, pralines, I have pralines!! One of the original ones has already disappeared. You didn't really expect me to sit here and wait until after dinner, did you? The dilemma: eat them all at once or slowly, slowly savor them. I think I will find an in between time because after all now I have the website and can order my own. Plus I have told her she can give me pralines anytime. They are never to say, "Oh, we can't give mom pralines again." Oh yes you can!! Anytime. Yum!!

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