Monday, October 14, 2013

My Kind of Church

One of my pastors when I was in Virginia was David Edwards. David is now the pastor and spiritual leader of a small congregation called The Church of the Covenant in Lynchburg VA. I have been reading David Edwards’ FB posts and I have decided I need a Church of the Covenant in my life. I need a place where silence is treated with respect and used appropriately. A place where when I say my participation will be to pray for the church and its programs, I am taken seriously ~ as is my contribution because people believe in the power of prayer. A place where fun and laughter can mix with serious spiritual insights, study and  development. A place where something as powerful as a Christ-force healing is seen as ministry and not some way-out funky event designed to take people away from the church community. 

I sent the above paragraph to David asking if I might post it with his name and this is his reply:

“You are welcome to name names and places.  Thanks for writing this.  My experience here is that many people need this kind of grounding in silence and community.  We have shaped worship that is basically contemplative, with spaces of silence for reflection on what has been read, heard, sung, etc.  Centered on the lectionary readings.  With singing, of course.  But it is very simple, and I am happy to see people finding it very connecting, healing, and grounding.  They are not being entertained, stimulated, or told what to feel or think.  They are "on their own", but in a small community of others being and listening together.  I am very happy with it.”

I would be very happy with it too. 

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