Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ask Your Grandchild ~

Two years old. iPad on lap. Little fingers moving over the screen ~ playing something that has to do with Mickey Mouse. She knows. She is being raised in the age of iPads, iPods, laptops, and smart phones. And if she doesn't already, she will soon know how to use them all. Her 5-year old sister plays games on my computer with an ease it took me a long time to develop. 
When I was national president of Church Women United a lot of my time was spent convincing older church women that they could use the internet and computers at least for email and newsletters. My line always was, if you don't know how to use one, ask your grandchildren to explain it to you. This was before I had grands of my own. Now I have them and they are all more adept at computer use than I am. This little lady will soon sigh at how inept her Mama Susan is with technology that is innate in her. Meanwhile, I will enjoy my own fascination at her expertise.


Ralf Weiser said...

Hi Susan;
Amazing, isn't it? The only challenge here is how to teach them where the off button is - a lesson we adults could us a dose of as well.
So sad to watch folks no longer communicating while they share a meal or go spend any other time together; all because we are glued to our little (or big) screens.
Have fun,

Tahoe Mom said...

Ralf ~ after a week each with two families of grands, I have been impressed by the numerous activities they are involved in. This week we've even had a couple of meals around the dining room table - there being 7 of us. We all - including me - have spent computer and tv time and we have had fun family moments as well.