Sunday, October 20, 2013

Adults Assume Too Much ~

Young friend born and raised until age 4 in Austin Texas. Her family and ours moved to Virginia the same summer and so we spent the Thanksgiving weekend together. It snowed! The girls rushed out to play - so excited!! The little one turns and rushes back in the house calling, “I need my gloves. No one told me snow was cold!”

Precocious three-year-old asked to be a flower girl in a wedding. Very carefully her mom had her practice what to do. Bits of paper were placed in her basket and over and over she rehearsed dropping them gently as she walked slowly around the living room. The day came and she was Perfect. Rose petals were strewn on the bride’s way. And then with the wedding party in place and the solemn service beginning, she did what she had always done after strewing bits of paper on the living room floor and carefully picked them up - every one. 

Owlet and Puck were raised in the high desert of Carson City, Nevada. Now they are living in Ashland, Oregon with green grass, trees, and seasons. Yesterday they raked leaves for the first time in their lives. They loved it. Wonderful piles of crackly fall leaves. Then mom called them into supper. And very dutifully they spread the leaves out across the yard just as they had found them. 


Mike Christie said...

Adults do. Love the last one especially. When I was a kid and finally agreed to try a shrimp (a large prawn really) in a restaurant they failed to tell me that you don't eat the tail.

Tahoe Mom said...

heheheheh - love it! Of course you didn't. All I can think is that they raked again today and had more fun. I hope so anyway.