Saturday, July 13, 2013

You Really Can't Make this Up

Hold it right thar, pardner ~ make a move and I’ll shoot you with my tampon! That’s right. I’m a tampon carryin’ woman. 

Oh Pleeeeeeeze ~ according to a personal note from Diane Russell, State Representative from Portland, Maine: “Right now, women are flooding the Texas Statehouse to stand with Sen. Wendy Davis as she and her Democratic colleagues fight to protect a woman's right to choose for this afternoon's vote.

Before they get to the gallery, though, security is confiscating tampons and maxipads. You can bring in your gun - just not your tampons. (Filed under: You can't make this up!)” 

As a lifelong Texan, no matter where else I have lived, I am supposed to be used to Texas craziness in and around the state legislature. This tops them all. In all I have read, I cannot yet find a reason, even a dumb or crazy one, for the action. What? Are they afraid we are going to stand at the gates armed with tampons and maxipads???? Come on, folks. Let’s have some sense here. Or is that asking too much for the Texas state government? Probably. 


Mike Christie said...

Where is Molly Ivins when you need her? Oh, we miss her badly!

Tahoe Mom said...

We do indeed!! Can't write like she did, but at least I can raise the issue -- *sigh*