Saturday, July 6, 2013

Respect ~ Alive and Well

Having written about respect, I have once again become aware of good customer service. Customer service should always be good - no need for the adjective. Yet somehow over the years, society’s lack of respect has moved into the customer service realm and so now we are thrilled when we encounter really good, respectful service reps. 

I had an occasion this last week - on the 4th actually which made it even more remarkable - to chat on line with a person from Amazon about my kindle. This is only the second time I have had to be in touch with Amazon and both times I have received delightful, helpful, wise service. The first time, it took us both quite a while to make it all work. This time, it was no problem and so easy to tell me what to do and me to do it. 

I often speak to Apple Care ~ being one of those people who needs to be walked through Anything that has to do with my computer. Apple reps are always brilliant it seems to me and very patient with those of us who aren’t. Last time the young woman told me she wasn’t too familiar with my problem and I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, “Then why are you answering the phone at Apple?” I didn’t though and I am so glad, because she did know where to send me to take care of the issue. And she did it with a smile in her voice and what sounded like a pleasant attitude. 

We buy a lot from Home Depot because Dean is always coming up with home projects. They work at getting us a good price. They deliver to Tahoe City even though it is in another state. They take back - and in a recent case, even pick up and take back - if the product doesn’t work. Again, all done with a smile and a willing to work with us attitude. 

Recently my experience has been that respect is alive and well in the customer service part of the work place. 

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