Saturday, July 27, 2013

Necessity is the Mother ~

There is a note going around on Facebook: How many stage managers does it take to chan. . .Done!

Several people have posted and also said they thought of me when they saw it. Thank you! And one thing I learned early in my stage management career was you didn't always have to know how to do it yourself as long as you knew whom to ask to do it. (A little diversionary thanks here to Andy, Nelson, Michael, Pete, Sue and many, many others)

When camping, I also know where to go ~ Dean. If he doesn't have it, he can figure it out. 

I am losing weight - on purpose, deliberately, slowly and pleasantly. Not enough yet to show in pictures. Not enough to have to go shopping - yet. But definitely enough to need a belt to keep the jeans up. And for some reason, I forgot to throw a belt in the suitcase when we went camping. Doing around a camp site is really uncomfortable if you keep thinking your jeans are going to fall down to your knees. So I muttered about forgetting a belt. Dean to the rescue!

You take two small straps brought along to hold something together - at this point, I'm not sure what. You hook them together and ta-dah!! A belt!! And because of the way they fasten, I could pull them/it tight enough to be comfortable and decorous. 

It's always fun to be creative in a sort of run-home-to-mama way. 

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