Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Camping at Virginia Lakes

From Sunday afternoon until Wednesday morning we camped at Virginia Lakes, about 3 hours from home at 9000 feet. 

Our wonderful "new" camper (our upgrade from tents) in which we stayed warm and dry (it rained a couple of times). Unfortunately at 9000 feet the pilot light doesn't stay lit so we had to heat our water on the stove and keep our food in coolers on ice (poor us!). We kept the coolers in the bear boxes at the camp site although we saw no bears.

We had a wonderful view from our site.

And when we went to the three lakes.

We rested - although Dean had brought all his fishing gear, the kayak, and hiking gear. Mostly we stayed in camp and just rested and enjoyed.

We shared our camp site with a large number of chipmunks who chased each other up and down and all around;

~ and with a lovely doe and her buck both of whom wandered by in the early evenings;

~ and one little Belding Ground Squirrel. More about this little fella later.

~ and with a lovely robin who hopped and flew around and found the iconic worm on evening.

We ate well!! We enjoy eating around the camp fire and Dean loves his new Baby-Q for grilling an entire meal with ease and efficiency. 

Glad to be home and back to the land of cell phones and internet access. More pictures later. 

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PhilMiller said...

What a great report! Your pictures are worth shelves of words.