Friday, June 21, 2013

New Orleans 6

The Aquarium ~ a perfect way to spend the hottest day of your visit. 

And we loved every variation we saw ~ well, I didn't visit with the python nor did we seek out the spiders. Still, Emerson's quote posted in the Aquarium is very appropriate.

They have a bird area. We fed them. You have to check your hoodies and backpacks before leaving as they tend to land in interesting places.

Amazing fish of all sorts and types.

The little pregnant seahorse tummies belong to the daddies. We even saw a video of mom, who becomes pregnant, depositing the now fertile eggs in dad's tummy. They just hang out tummy to tummy and hers decreases in size while his increases. Fascinating.


I have other pictures of live butterflies which I prefer of course.

Insects, beetles and bugs. I took this one mainly for granddaughter who has a beetle (named Thor) that she nurtured from a pupae into a beetle.

Butterfly room in a museum we passed several times. We were always late enough in the day that it was closed and we didn't get to go in. However, here they are, feeding on fruit and flitting around in a room where we can walk in and be with them. Next time. 

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