Friday, June 14, 2013

New Orleans 2

First I need to start with a correction to last night's blog: the movie set was Not built on a vacant lot but on a busy city street which has been blocked off meaning folks from this side of the block have to walk a long way around to get to their bus stop. Ah but the explosions are fun.

New Orleans is known for food, booze and music. For me forget the booze. As for food and music, I am right with you!! And ~ for tonight we forget New Orleans food and concentrate on the dinner my wonderful son-in-law created for us.
 Rotterdam Gouda and St. Andre's with pear and strawberries


 Yorkshire Pudding ~ wow!

My contribution: fresh tomatoes with basil and bleu cheese vinaigrette
Gravy was added as we sat down to a glorious homemade feast. Worth the trip!!

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