Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Orleans 5

I am saving pictures of New Orleans' food for a food blog all on its own. This morning, however, Meredith took me, via the St. Charles Street Trolley, to a little, tucked away, found when on an entirely different mission in the Lower Garden, delightful cafe called Il Posto. It is Perfect. 
~ and this was brunch: Meredith had an iced latte, blueberry muffin and fruit cup. I had cold cucumber herb soup with a wonderful chunk of ciabatta and iced tea with a Huge sprig of perfect mint. We sat at a window table and relished every moment. What a little gem of a place!

Gecko hanging out.

Another gecko showing off ~ maybe for a casting director for a new commercial.

Old, lovely New Orleans neighborhood.

Can you tell that those are beads hanging from the branches, not moss? Hard to tell even from the trolley. 

And look who has his own Baja Burrito Bar in NOLA! Who knew? 


Mike Christie said...

My dog certainly doesn't have her own restaurant! :-)

Tahoe Mom said...

well, as my friend Vick commented on FB, Oso came to us as a rescue so who knows where he had traveled and been before ~ :)