Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mothers' Day

I know, I know - on Mothers' Day, we are supposed to extol our mothers and talk about how wonderful they are or how we miss them. Today, may my mother and step-mother forgive me,  I intend to break that mold and talk about me! Not me per se, but how I am seen through the eyes of one granddaughter who wrote me this delightful letter in celebration of the day. 

Dear Mama Susan,
You mean a lot to me. I love you so much. Here are reasons why I love you.
You are Spectacular, caring, pretty, good cook, and most of all
Happy Mothers' Day. I love you.
Now, folks, I will tell you that my already considerable ego took a jump when I read those words. Thank you, Megan, my darling! You are rather awesome yourself and I love you very much!

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