Monday, July 4, 2016


We live in a resort town. Tahoe City sits on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, a rather quiet little town whose most crime is bears in the dumpsters. It is all rather peaceful until the tourists come to town. Now, I've nothing against the tourists. We need them to swell our population during the summer and winter seasons so that our economy stays strong and our restaurants and stores stay in business. We are glad to have them around.

Statistically though the larger the population, the more chances there are for things to happen. Like I said we tend to be quiet and then suddenly the sirens starts and we know it is summer and there are more folks around. Some times the sirens are the simple final whirr as a cop pulls over someone who has broken a traffic law. More often than not though the sirens go on and on and you can tell there is more one vehicle answering an emergency call - heart attack, something broken, traffic accident, someone in trouble. The need for sirens and first responders increase exponentially as the population grows. Some times there is no fault involved. Sometimes it is because someone does something stupid. Vacations are a time for fun and relaxation. Enjoy yourself. Be careful. We don't need any more sirens.

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