Friday, July 15, 2016

Akira's Ad

Well, it's not really Akira's ad. It's an ad featuring Akira. And I post it for you with permission from the Asante Medical Facilities in Ashland and Medford, OR.
If you remember, our Akira in the spring of 2015 had a Very Serious bout of pneumonia - very serious. It took hospitalization and dedicated respiratory professionals to pull him through. And he made it. Several times since, he and his mom have made appearances at fund raisers for The Children's Miracle Network. In that process, someone did a photo shoot and made an ad. 

I am very pleased that Akira is in the ad and even more that he is well and healthy, playing in three bands and singing in school musicals. Good lungs ~ and for a while we were really worried. 
I will take this opportunity to say, if you are wondering where to make a charitable donation, you might consider the Children's Miracle Network. As Akira says, "next time it might be your son or daughter."


Mike Christie said...

On a day filled with a lot of bad, ugly news: thank you for this, Tahoe Mom!

Tahoe Mom said...

It is great. I hadn't thought about that way so thank you too.