Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lamb and Mint Jelly

So, blogger friends ~ here is your question for the day. Why do we serve mint jelly with lamb?

We don't serve raspberry jam with chicken. Nor strawberry jam with roast beef. At least not in any cultural cuisine I know. Why mint jelly with lamb?

And why mint jelly and not some other kind?

Any ideas? Or any ideas where I might research the question? Of course I could Google it. You can Google anything these days. I just thought it might be more fun to ask and see what comes up.


Mike Christie said...

Venison too. I hated eating venison when my dad used to hunt in a galaxy long, long ago and far, far away. The mint jelly did not help at all, though I would have eaten it by itself. (And I won't eat lamb when I go to an Indian restaurant. Though they don't serve it with mint jelly.) But why mint jelly? No idea.

Tahoe Mom said...

Didn't know about venison but then I only have one friend who used to hunt and have venison in their home and I don't think they ever served it to me. I'll have to find out why mint of course - but i'll give my blogger friends a little while longer.