Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stuff and Things

1) I have a plastic box under my sink in the bathroom where I keep bathroom type things I don't use very often: polish remover, cotton balls, bandaids ~ you get the idea. It is full of stuff and things. This morning I emptied it all on my bed and started to organize. Amazing! I found new items I didn't remember buying. I found old items I had hunted and hadn't found. I found 3 bags from my dentist that I organized into one space. Very nice. No - you don't get a picture. I imagine you have a similar box somewhere so you don't need a before and after shot of my box. Even though no one will see it, it is nice for me to know it is organized.

2) Daughter and son-in-law are moving from NOLA back home (for her) to New England. I like being able to picture where my children live so I will have to get to Boston soon. I will miss knowing where they are living in NOLA until I have a chance to see where they are in New England. I will let them settle in before I book tickets, but I won't wait long.

3) Spring in the mountains:

This is a snow flower. It blooms from the fungus created by the melting snow. They are protected by law (no picking) and are considered a blessing. I am thrilled we have one this year because we have had very little snow. I feel truly blessed.

4) There was a clan of chipmunks racing around the rocks and ridges in the yard this morning. You can almost feel their joy at being in the sun. 

5) The warmth is bringing out the chipmunks and birds and telling us it is time to pull out the deck furniture and prepare for summer sitting. Some of us don't need furniture though. Any patch of sun will do. 
Blessings to you on your spring day ~ 

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