Friday, April 10, 2015

Amazing Artist, Matthew McConnell

It has taken me a while to decide how to introduce you to Matthew. Let's start by saying I first met him when he was five. His father and I were best of friends and continue to be so. Dean and I visited them when we were in North Carolina in March. We were gifted with an afternoon in Matthew's studio, a huge, cluttered, busy, active warehouse of a building well-suited to the creation of Matt's enormous sculptures. Here is the story of our afternoon:

This is what we came to see, Matt's latest industrial art form.

Matt described the artistic, working process to us.
Matt, Judy, Susan, Dan

Listening to a question and encouraging us to walk through the sculpture.

We had to do some posing of our own.

Matt was the only one comfortable enough with the work to touch it.

And if I have made this happen, click here for a minute and a half of time lapse amazement
watching these huge pieces literally rise into their permanent home.

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