Thursday, April 16, 2015

Morning Routines

I love going to gym in the mornings. It has been so good for me and I enjoy the place, the workout and the company. And if Diane isn’t there to visit with I enjoy reading when I am on the treadmill and the bike. Because I like to do my exercising early, I usually get up between 6 and 6:30 and am at the gym when the PT office opens at 8. Except once in a while, the first client with an appointment is due later and so they come in later. 8:30 is fine, gives me a few extra minutes around the house. This morning they aren’t opening until 9:30 and so I am not going that late. I realize I like having an easy weekday morning occasionally. 

I took time to squeeze orange juice. Dean had made waffles yesterday with enough batter left over for us to have waffles this morning. We sat and had breakfast together. I am enjoying my cup of tea before the fire which I usually get to enjoy only on weekends. I have my at home exercise program set up and ready to go once my tea is finished, and I will still be done before or only shortly after gym has opened. Yes, I continue to be a morning person and yes, sometimes I like those mornings slow and easy. 

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