Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Turn?

Once in a while someone will be telling us a story or an event in their life and we will be reminded of a similar one in our life. Stories of surgery, pregnancy, accidents or travel come immediately to mind. You tell me a story, I’m reminded of my story and I . . . yeah, that’s the question, isn’t it? What do I do? Is the conversation such that there can be a mutual exchange of stories or is the conversation really about the other person so much so that I need to stay quiet and not interject me? 

I need to be sensitive to that experience. If we are all hanging out and telling similar stories, it is ok to just keep the stories going. If on the other hand, my friend has decided to tell me something that is important in her life, may it is time for me to be quiet, listen to her, reflect on her story if I say anything at all and use my own story only as an example if it  might be helpful. Otherwise, Susan, keep your mouth shut. And it seems to me like I keep learning this one over and over. 

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